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About Jaffar Academy

Hi. I am Jaffar.


I am an Author. Trainer. Blogger. Lecturer. Risk Manager. Consultant. Husband. Father.


And this is the website of my training practice.

I am an expert in risk management, corporate governance, compliance, processes management, and quality assurance at financial institutions.


I offer tens of courses in the above areas to thousands of bankers, insurance practitioners, central bankers, lawyers, members of the board of directors, auditors, and consultants.  For the list of these courses, public and in-house courses, please look at the Courses page.     

Participants in my courses have always been satisfied and found their experience, both rewarding and value-adding. If you want to know what these happy participants said about the quality of my teaching and which institutions they represented, please look at the Testimonials and Customers pages.



I love writing. As I have various reading and knowledge interests, I have two blogging, career, and non-career related. In the non-career blog, I write my review of the books I read, and I share the lessons I learn from my exposure. You will see this writing on www.Jaffar.tv


On the other hand, I write in my expertise: risk management, corporate governance, compliance, process management, and quality assurance. You will see these writings on the Forum page on this website.




 I wrote two books in the field of banking, particularly in the field of risk management. In the pipeline, I have two books signed for publications in 2021, 1 book in 2022, and 2 books in 2023.




I offer advisory services in risk management, corporate governance, compliance, process management, and quality assurance. For more on the consulting side, please visit the website of my practice www.riskineering.com  




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